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Transparency or privacy, its your choice, at the flick of a switch!



    • Transparency or privacy instantaneously at will
    • Safety and security of laminated glass
    • Improved noise reduction, particularly useful for partitions or doors.
    • Low electricity consumption
    • Less need for blinds or curtains
    • Can be back projected
    • Easy to maintain, just like ordinary glass.

Where can it be used?

    Any interior area where there is a need for both obscuration or transparency depending on the circumstances, for example, screens, glass doors, partitions, room-dividers, kiosks, secrity (e.g. banks), conference rooms, cubicles etc.

What is it?

SGG PRIVA-LITE is a laminated glass comprising two pieces of glass with a liquid-crystal film. This unique technology allows it to be switched from ordinary clear glass to opaque, ensuring optimal vision control.  All it takes is a simple electrical switch to make the transition from clear to translucent. SGG PRIVA-LITE allows you to see through it one moment and then shields you the next.
It's as easy as turning the lights on!


SGG PRIVA-LITE is available in a variety of colours and shapes. Please visit for further details.

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